Keep Your Dog Perfectly Safe With An Invisible Fence


If you are a proud owner of a beautiful dog, and you surely want to protect it from any harm. Also, even though your dog may be perfectly friendly, you probably want to make sure your neighbors and those that pass your property are safe too. However, what you probably don’t want to do is chain your dog, as that does not seem like the most humane thing to do.

A “fenceless” fence

22lkdjjdijSimply put, the purpose of an invisible dog fence is to offer a “fenceless” security solution to your yard and home. This is undoubtedly the best solution for keeping your furry friend safe without having to erect a tall, regular fence.

These days, you can find two main types of invisible fences. There are the wireless types and the underground, electronic ones. Throughout this article, we will shed more light on these and highlight their main features.

Electronic fences

The way these fences function is quite simple. Firstly, you need to bury a wire around the perimeter of the area you want secure. Once you do that, the wire will start transmitting a signal to a collar your dog wears. Keep in mind that your canine friend needs to wear this collar at all times. When the dog gets near the wired boundary, the collar will receive a signal and emit a warning sound, to warn your pet that he is getting too close to the boundary.

Training is important

Here, it is important to note that your pet needs to be properly trained for the fence to be truly effective. If he is not trained, he will keep crossing the line without heeding the warnings. Every time your dog crosses the line, he will receive a small static correction via the collar. This correction is not harmful in any way, and its main purpose is to let your dog know that he has gone too far.

Wireless types

The main component of a wireless fence is a transmitter, which can be placed in any dry and safe location, such a garage. Instead of having to bury a wire, with this system, all you have to do is plug it in and manually set the boundaries. When compared to the wired systems, these are somewhat more convenient and portable. You can even take it with you and carry it wherever you go.

This system also requires your pet to carry a collar, which functions in almost the same way as the electronic collar, by receiving warning signals and emitting a mild static correction.

Effective and humane

33fmdmfkljekIf you are looking for a humane way of keeping your dog safe, there is hardly a better option than an invisible fence. As long as proper training procedures are implemented, and the directions are followed, you will ensure your canine friend stays safe and happy. Furthermore, not only are invisible fences highly effective, but they are also considerably cheaper than tall metal fences. Also, they are also far more flexible and customizable. If you fear your dog’s collar emits a static correction that is too strong, you can always adjust the settings to make sure your pet receives the message without any discomfort or pain.